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What brought our clients to us is not the issue. Rather, it is how the divorce proceeds that matters. Regardless of why you choose to get a divorce, the legal issues are largely the same. However, your choice of Goodwin, Hamann & Associates, LLC can make all the difference for your future. While most people do not have much experience with the divorce process, including the relevant laws, statutes, and court system, our attorneys have extensive knowledge about all these facets of the law.

Our attorneys are highly skilled, and more importantly, highly compassionate. We understand that the divorce process can be one of the more painful experiences that a client can suffer through. Our goal is to shift the focus from the past relationship to securing the legal, custodial and financial future our clients deserve.

Our goal is always to achieve as amicable a resolution as possible before preparing for the courtroom battle. Our attorneys are courtroom regulars first, but we have often found that the courtroom process can be avoided for our clients while we attempt to achieve the best possible outcome from the marital settlement. We’ve found that the ability to resolve these disputes amicably first, before utilizing the court system, can save our clients both time and money.

Importantly, we address every aspect of a dissolving marriage, including but not limited to: (1) creating fair and creative divisions of assets; (2) seeking and ensuring workable child custody and visitation arrangements; and (3) ensuring appropriate alimony and child support. Our attorneys are ready and available for a free consultation. Furthermore, our attorneys have handled a litany of complex family law appeals that have given our attorneys a leg up on the other family law firms in the City.

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