Commercial Litigation

There are dozens upon dozens of types of business and commercial disputes. They can involve money, licensing, trademarking, copyrighting, real or personal property, business ownership, breach of contract, etc. Our firm offers high-quality, experienced business and commercial litigation services to clients throughout the Chicagoland area.

Oftentimes, contracts are at the core of a company or a person’s business agreement, whether the contract be verbal or written. When the terms of the contract are breached, or when the contract’s terms are misinterpreted by a party, the financial and practical ramifications can put a tremendous personal and professional strain on a company or an individual.

At Goodwin, Hamann & Associates, LLC, the firm offers comprehensive, personalized legal representation to each of our clients. Our attorneys understand that no two cases are the same. Therefore, close, personal attention must be paid to each case individually. Whether your concern involves the failure to pay money, the failure to deliver goods or services, or any other breach, our Firm’s attorneys are the attorneys to call.

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