Commercial Creditor's Rights

In today's economy, companies, large and small, need to make the most of every dollar. That starts with dollars earned. Our commercial collections division began on the principal that everyone should honor their obligations. Driven by a passion for helping our clients strive in these tough economic times, we aggressively pursue breaches of contract, whether that obligation is financial or otherwise. By holding businesses accountable for their debts, we are able to increase the bottom line for our clients. We pledge that we will dedicate ourselves to handling your affairs quickly, discreetly, and most importantly, successfully.

We live in a world with increasingly sophisticated debtors. This increase in debtor sophistication has led to increased cost of collection, skyrocketing fees, and the ever-growing complexity of the commercial collections laws. We have found ways to make the collections process more economical for our clients. Namely, we work both with the collections agencies as well as directly with the creditor to maximize recoveries. Our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure maximum contact to ensure maximum recovery.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling a litany of specific legal needs, as well as serving as outside legal counsel, or general corporate counsel, for multiple companies that do not have their own in-house lawyers or their own in-house litigators. Because the needs of each of our commercial collections’ clients are ever-changing, our capacity to handle different areas of commercial litigation continually grows and evolves. Quite simply, we have found, and our commercial clients agree, that there is simply no substitute for experienced, outside counsel.

Some of the areas where we have successfully pursued litigation on behalf of our clients includes open accounts receivable, commercial leasing, contractual obligations, insurance subrogation, etc.

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