Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a voluntary process designed to assist the parties to a dispute in reaching an agreement and avoiding the costs and delays that litigation can bring. The mediator cannot issue a binding order or force a party to take an affirmative action. If the case does settle, the agreement can become binding.

Mediation is widely issued to resolve many different types of disputes in business. Oftentimes, these mediation sessions are used to attempt to settle all types of disputes, including harassment claims, discrimination claims, or other personnel issues.

Additionally, arbitration is quickly becoming a preferred method of dealing with disputes, without resorting to the formalities of a court of law. Whereas mediation is not binding, arbitration is. Familiarity with the process and procedure is important to protect your rights. Our firm is well-versed in everything you need to protect your interests in any form of alternative dispute resolution and focus on a successful outcome.

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